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Mixin is a series of conferences designed to inspire budding entrepreneurs to build their brands and businesses. Leading industrialists, designers and creative thinkers will help crack the code by sharing success stories of their brands.

Mixin is a branding movement with Indi Design as its epicenter. With various versions to be held at varied locations in India and around the world, Mixin will essentially be the ‘Brand Management helpline’ on call! Through Brand and Business talks organized in partnership with local business communities, Mixin conferences will aim to inspire local businesses to have a national, even global vision, and use ‘Design and Branding’ as a tool to reach success.

If you are looking for a platform to learn from experts, network, exchange ideas and explore empowering tools for your business, Mixin is for you!

Do look up for a Mixin happening nearby and join us or register and we shall keep you informed as and when further editions are announced.

Mixin is all set to take off at INDI-Srinagar.


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